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1972 – The decision is taken to build the Airport “Kazan-2” with 2500 metre take-off strip. U. Kh. Mustafin, the commander of the united Kazan air group, has headed the construction. In 1974 the construction works continued under supervision of V. N. Khusainov.

September 15, 1979 – Birthday of the International Airport “Kazan”. Tu-134 aircraft has made the first flight by the route Kazan – Sochi (with Mr. E. I. Afinogenov as a pilot in command).

November, 1979 – Airport “Kazan-2” has started accommodating aircrafts Tu-154, Tu-134, Il-18, An-12, An-24, Yak-40 and others.

1982 – the Airport has been equipped to accommodate aircrafts of Il-86 type (as an alternate airport for this type of aircrafts).

February 01, 1983 – Airport “Kazan-2” has been acknowledged as complying with ICAO standards established for category I.

September 28, 1984 – Airport “Kazan-2” was renamed to airport “Kazan”.

February 21, 1986 – Airport “Kazan” gains the status of an International airport.

May 01, 1987 –The Kazan aviation enterprise has conducted the first international flight on Tu-154 aircraft from Kazan to Berlin. Since that day international flights from Germany, Poland, Albania, Bulgaria, China, Mongolia and other countries are operating in the Airport “Kazan”.

June 01, 1992 – Airport “Kazan” has detached from the company Tatarstan Airlines becoming an independent company.

October 26, 1992 – The first regular international flight is made by Turkish Airlines by the route Istanbul – Kazan – Istanbul.

November 30, 1994 – The decision is taken to launch reconstruction of the International Airport “Kazan”. In a short period the Kazan Company GiproNIIaviaprom has developed design and estimate documentation.

1995 – Comprehensive program has been designed for the International Airport “Kazan” development within the period from 1995 to 2005. The program has included the following: aerodrome zone reconstruction, providing for increase of the landing strip length up to 3750 m; fuelling centre reconstruction; airport building reconstruction; air traffic control facilities modernisation; air freight terminal, hotel and aircraft maintenance hangar construction.

March, 1997 – Lufthansa airline has launched regular flights on А-319 aircrafts by the route Kazan – Frankfurt.

November 02, 1998 –International Airport “Kazan” has registered as the International Airport “Kazan”, Open Joint-Stock Company (OJSC).

2001 – Construction of the Fuelling centre.

November 01, 2002 – The second airport runway is put into operation and acknowledged suitable for flight operation during daylight hours (ARW-2).

June 01, 2004 – ARW-2 is acknowledged suitable for around-the-clock operation of flights. Runway lighting (high-intensity runway lights) by Idman, Finland, as well as KRAMS-4 weather equipment and a new emergency-and-rescue station are installed.

2003 –Airport telephone exchange Hicom is put into operation.

2005 – Modern business terminal is opened with the traffic capacity of 100 passengers per hour.

September 29, 2006 –Airport “Kazan” has accommodated and serviced air transport An-225 “Mria” with the largest load-carrying capacity in the world.

2008 –Modernization and development program of International Airport “Kazan” is designed for the period from 2008 to 2025. The purpose of the program is transport infrastructure facilities development in the Republic of Tatarstan and preparation for hosting of the World Summer Universiade, 2013. This project has provided for building of passenger terminal, reconstruction of runways artificial surface, taxiways and terminal apron, aircraft dispatch centre and a new building for a fire and emergency-and-rescue station construction.

November 07, 2012 – Terminal 1А is put into operation with the traffic capacity of 1,2 m passengers per year.

March, 2013 – New air navigation complex, an air traffic control tower (ATCT) is opened.

June 20, 2013 – Airport runway No. 1 is opened.

June 22, 2013 – Terminal 1 is put into operation.